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The Standard Series is core of the Martin guitar line.

These guitars feature:

*Solid wood top back and sides

*Optimum selection of tone woods

*Polished gloss finish

*Hand fitted dove-tail neck attachment

*Hard shell case

Standard Series models include:

D-18 (MSRP $2999), D-28 (MSRP $3299), D-35 (MSRP $3399),

D-41 (MSRP $5499), D-42 (MSRP $6999), D-45 (MSRP $10999),

M-36 (MSRP $3499), J-40 (MSRP $4799), OM-21 (MSRP $3249),

000-28 (MSRP $3499) and many more.

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