<span class="style4">High Quality Student Instruments starting under $100.00</span>

At Jay Turser, their belief is that good instruments help musicians develop their skills. They've worked hard to develop theirs by designing guitars and basses with quality and value as their top priority.

Quality starts with intelligent design that supports sound and playability. Every aspect of their design process balances structural needs with the outcome in balance and feel. There's no point in having a great sounding guitar if it is too heavy to play on stage or awkward to maneuver between rhythm and lead.

Jay Turser offers electric guitars and basses that are the finest entry level instruments that we've seen. With models patterned after some of the most iconic legendary guitars, these instruments are produced in China using imported Mahogany, Maple and Rosewood, to build truly fine instruments that are an incomparable value.

Jay Turser Electric Guitars
Jay Turser Electric Guitars

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