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Classic style, classic tone and modern versatility. 
If the blues is your way of life, this is your amp. 
30 classic all-tube watts are way louder than solid 
state and modern flexibility comes from a tremolo 
with speed and intensity controls, pre-and 
post-gain controls on the lead channel, 
3-band passive EQ,a boost switch, 
external speaker jack, and an effects loop. 
Jamming or gigging, this baby can hold down 
your end of the sound.


•Normal volume control on clean channel

•3-band passive EQ (bass, middle, treble)

•One 15 inch Blue Marvel® speaker

•Master reverb

•Pre- and post-gain controls on lead channel

•Effects loop

•Classic tweed covering

•Chrome-plated chassis

•External speaker jack

•Tremolo with speed and intensity

•All-tube (three 12AX7 and four EL84 tubes)

•30 watts into 16 or 8 ohms

•Boost switch

•Footswitch selectable channel switching, tremolo, reverb and boost.

•Footswitch included

•2-channel preamp

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