Click to enlargeThe Cat Tongue Pick

This great 100% nylon guitar pick was born out of the minds of researchers at the prestigious Czech Republic Feline Veterinary Institute (C.R.F.V.I) in Prague.
Cats are well balanced, quick in response and very precise in their movements. They are extremely agile & flexible. These are all qualities, which a great guitar pick strives to achieve and you have found it in our Cat Tongue pick.
After many years of research on native-born Czech felines (Felinis Cz-Catus-Coolus) a direct correlation was made between Cat Tongue grippyness & anti-skid guitar picks.
Through extensive Czech government funded feline genetic research, the Cat Tongue pick was developed to the delight of cool cat lovers everywhere.
The Secret:
Every Cat Tongue pick has been engineered to contain small sub-atomic cloned cat-tongue particles.
Molded directly into the pick through a patented process developed during the cold war.
These particles are the essence of the Cat Tongue design. If you listen closely to our picks you can almost smell the tuna.
No cats were harmed in the design of this extraordinary pick. We are true cat lovers here at Cool Music.
Next time you need a great feeling pick, be SMART and use your BRAIN.

Available in colored gauges .53mm .60mm .73mm .88mm 1.00mm


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