Click to enlargeStagg EDB Electric Upright Bass

Stagg EDB Electric Upright Bass is a 3/4-scale upright ideally suited to the electric bassist who wants to learn to play an upright. The bass is also an excellent choice for upright bass players seeking for a practical adaptive solution to noise and space issues. With extremely high fidelity, the Stagg EDB electric upright bass boasts a noise free sound reproduction which captures the pleasantly woody aspect of an acoustic upright bass. It also includes a headphone jack for silent practice and a CD/MP3 input to jam along with your favorite songs.

Stagg EDB Electric Upright Bass EDB34$629.99Color: 

Click to enlargeStagg SV-EDB Collapsible Electric Bass StandStagg's SV-EDB stand is designed specifically with their EDB 3/4 bass in mind. Steel tube construction results in a strong reliable stand, while still allowing it to remain light enough to fold up and travel with. With a bow hook on the main support mean you can be sure you never have to go searching for a bow when you want to practice.

Stagg SV-EDB Collapsible Electric Bass Stand SV-EDB$69.99

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