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Acoustic Heaven in an Active Magnetic Soundhole Pickup

They waited years to introduce a magnetic pickup that they felt was good enough for the Fishman name. We think you'll agree that the Rare Earth was worth the wait.

The first thing you'll notice about the Rare Earth is just how easily and cleanly it installs in your guitar. The pickup's low profile design ensures that both your picking style and the guitar's acoustic tone are not affected. To reduce the weight and improve the performance of the pickup, they use tiny, powerful neodymium pole-piece magnets, precisely voiced for balanced natural sound, whether you use bronze or phosphor bronze strings. Plug in the pickup and you'll hear the brilliant acoustic quality that has changed so many peoples’ minds (including ours) about soundhole pickups.

* Features
Installs easily in minutes, and plugs in right out of the box.
* Powerful neodymium (a rare earth element, hence the name) pole piece magnets are responsible for the pickup's excellent string to string balance.
* Low profile design ensures that both your picking style and the guitar’s acoustic tone will be unaffected.
* Low noise, discrete Class A circuit design preserves full range performance, in any audio environment.
* Low current design of the preamp allows a generous >300 hours of use between battery changes.
* The Fishman Switchjack Stereo Endpin Jack enables the user to add an additional passive or active pickup.

Rare Earth Humbucker prorep102$159.95

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