Click to enlargeRare Earth Blend Pickup

The Rare Earth Blend pairs the active humbucking pickup with a high quality, internally mounted miniature microphone. The system combines the percussive attack and controlled sustain of the magnetic pickup with the resonant, ambient qualities captured by the internal microphone. These sonic components couple seamlessly to provide a cohesive, three-dimensional amplified acoustic guitar tone.

The microphone is a miniature electret type, with a hypercardioid response pattern for high volume, low feedback performance. It easily adjusts into position with a flexible gooseneck that is permanently attached to the pickup housing.

Balance between the microphone and magnetic signals is controlled by a small rotary pan pot, accessed through the soundhole. A simple modification to the Rare Earth Blend allows you to split the microphone and pickup signals for true stereo blending.

Battery life is rated at 150 hours.


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